My new love of Fanfiction

I will make this clear from the start: reading, not writing. While my vivid imagination does like to run miles in multiple directions on things I’ve read or watched I never have the drive to write them down. Or, at least I haven’t since about the ninth grade.

But never have I shunned on those who write it. Even if I hadn’t really read it in about as many years as writing I never thought those who had were not “qualified” writers. And seriously, with all the fan fiction gone published in the last three years should we not think of these writers in that way?

And I have found some pretty quality pieces. I will admit that sometimes it feels like digging for gold in a mass heap of dirt, but I chalk that up to my own personal preferences. I like long pieces over short, I find it hard to read anything that takes place in an on going storyline (unless it’s an alternate universe that I can buy in to), and in no way, shape, or form will I read something that has new characters in it that have no real connection to the story. Sorry daydreamers, I may be one of you, but I don’t want to enter the world you created for yourself.

As I hit brick walls in writing, the one thing all my fellow writers encourage me to do is read a book. But seeing as how I am a super slow reader, and don’t like involving myself in a book I can’t fully commit to without needing to put it down and get back to work, fan fiction has become my oasis. I’m already connected with these characters, and their worlds, I’m just letting someone show me a different, new, or alternative trail within them. Signing up for on going work has allowed me to have little treats of words pop up in my email from time to time. It’s become something I can truly get behind.

And who knows, maybe one day I will be able to say “I read that when it was about such and what not.”

What are your thoughts on fan fiction?

Happy Green everything day!

Happy St Patrick’s day blog readers! For those who really get down with the celebrating it’s a day to consume green beer and pretend you belong to one awesome nationality to try to extract kisses.
In our household it’s a day to wear green. Lil bug is kinda into not eating foods that look off, so no green stuff here. I will try to make things look like shamrocks,  but designer food is not my skill set.
What do you all plan for St Patrick’s day if anything? Not much on the day of in good ol’ MTL. How about in your area?


See? I'm festive

How Scrivener is saving my seriously messed up manuscript

I have been eyeball deep in a rewrite for the last couple months. It’s taking me so long to get through it for multiple reasons, one among them being that sometimes I’l too tired by the end of the day to think of anything decent to add. My goal was to take the super raw first draft I did, beef up the story, and fix the major flaws with a goal of upping the content by about 20 000 words. It was a slim story so the words are needed.

But adding words, and in some cases chapters, has made the whole thing an absolute mess. This is where I can reaffirm my love of Scriviner.

Originally I wrote the novel in word, with each chapter being a separate file that I would later copy and paste compile.When I approached the rewrite I imported them all into Scrivener and just expected to add to each chapter as I went. Except soon they were getting too big and had to be split, or I understood that there needed to be a whole new chapter for the idea from the get go. Old chapters were being dumped into a folder dedicated to them while the new chapters were being built up, some snippets stolen from the originals. I have index cards laid out for what needs to happen in the next 9 chapters, ready for me to turn them into text pieces when the time comes. Really, the whole thing looks horrible if I look at the binder portion because the first chapter listed in the old folder is 7, and I’m currently working on Chapter 11.

Messy, messy, messy!

But that’s the thing I’m really loving about scrivener, is that I can make a complete and total mess of the whole thing and yet it still makes sense. I’m not losing any information as I go, nor am I confusing myself with the additions. I’m able to separate the important parts from the old parts and set them aside.

It’s kinda fantastic.

While I’m still, all this time later, learning Scrivener as I do my rewrites I’m very happy with the software. As was before I will be posting more as I get to learn the software, but my experiences with it have been great.

Now, back to writing. If I’m going to do camp NaNoWriMo with book three then I better finish book two very soon.

Camp NaMoWriMo, here I come!

I love NaMoWriMo,  but it was only last year that I discovered Camp NaMoWriMo.  It was August, and I was struggling to get words in. It was an excellent motivator.
This year I’m doing the April session for multiple reasons. I need to get a fire under my butt to finish the rewrites I’m currently sifting through. The return  of good TV makes it hard to focus on the words, but if I want to start the third book in the series I’m working on then I have to get motivated. Having a deadline helps me focus more on my work and less on Director  Coulson and the S.H.I.E.L.D. issue of the week.
I have had the idea for the third book planted in my head for months.  It’s about time I do more than take notes.
I also have an overall goal the have the first draft of the first 4 books done by the end of the year. This gives me lots of editing material and a chance to lead into the fifth and maybe sixth.
I’m getting ambitious.
But all that aside, I’m amping up for NaMoWriMo in the spring. I always find November the worst time of year but I do the challenge anyway. I don’t always win, but it’s too much of the stressful kind of fun to pass up. Hopefully that’s what this one will turn out to be.


The Challenge of Zelda: Scariest Enemy

And here we are, the third of March, exactly one month from starting the challenge. Or at least announcing it. I didn’t realize when I first took in the challenge list that some of the questions just wouldn’t require a full post to answer. So it hasn’t been 30 days exactly, but it’s still the most blogging I have done in a long time. I feel like I could easily dedicate myself to at least one post a week at this point, maybe more. Either way, it’s been oddly fun to force myself to add a post more frequently. It also forced me, in some cases, to revisit games that left my memory for the most part.

And now, on to the answer.

If I could, I would say the whole Shadow Temple as an enemy. But I can’t, so I will go with this guy:

Creepy. Art by Gregzilla14 at Devianart

Creepy. Art by Gregzilla14 at Devianart

Dead hand was creepy as F@%$ when I first played the game, getting the adrenaline going in ways wall masters and other such creatures couldn’t. While the redeads startled me, the didn’t scare the bageebers out of me like Dead Hand. And facing him twice? Well, he wasn’t less scary as adult link.

I have a great appreciation for freaky stuff the later Zelda games introduced. It’s something that makes the game more immersing as the adrenaline from being mildly scared helps add to the urgency one should understand Link to be feeling. Everyone has their own opinion as to what is the creepiest game, enemy, legend, etc. Share yours in the comments because I love hearing what others think of the wonderful series.

Until next time.

The Challenge of Zelda: Favorite opening and closing.

This is a fun one because when I do play a game it’s usually for the story. Much like a book or movie, if the story doesn’t interest me I’m not invested. Games require investing much more than an hour or a day of your time, which is why if one fails to capture me I won’t continue playing.

The Zelda series has never seemed to fail me for stories, at least not from A Link to the Past onward. Some of the handheld games I haven’t played to their fullest, mostly because I didn’t own a handheld until the second version of the original DS, but that doesn’t mean that their stories haven’t captured me.

Favorite Begining

All Zelda games start with a legend. To me, that’s the true opening, start, whatever. It’s the prologue, it’s the reason what you are about to embark on is taking place. And opening is the one from A Link to the Past.

Probably one of the shortest intros, it’s still packed with a lot of potential for legend expansion, as well as allowing you to think of your own interpretations of the imprisonment war. Which I think would make a great game all on its own. Just saying. But anyway, after getting fed this legend you get the telepathic call for help, your uncle goes off to help this mysterious person, and BOOM! The fun begins. It’s simple, and there are a lot of other interesting openings from some of my more favorite games in the series, but this nostalgic story start is my favorite to this day,

Favorite Ending.

This one is a little more difficult. I am still kind of going between two, one being very recent, the other a little less so.

But when it comes down to it my favorite conclusion is from Majora’s Mask. After battling one of the best final bosses in the series, you have a very sweet conclusion. One of my favorite quotes comes from this game in this moment: “Whenever there is a meeting, a parting shall follow. But that parting needs not last forever. Whether a parting be forever or merely for a short while… that is up to you.” Good ol’ Happy Mask salesman giving real life advice. You hear this quote after all is done, and the Skull kid is sad about losing his new friends. Loves it. Especially when you get to see the happy lives of those you helped along your adventure. That is also so satisfying, because if I remember correctly (and it’s been 14 years since I’ve last seen the ending so it’s likely I’m not) you couldn’t see what happened to the villagers until you finished their side quests.

A Link Between Worlds came close because of the wish Zelda and Link agreed to make on the triforce, but when it comes down to it, Major was just better for me.

So what are your favorite openings and endings?

The Challenge of Zelda: Lightning round!

I could say that I didn’t have a lot to say on the next 7 or 8 topics, and that’s why I haven’t posted in three days, but that’s a lie. Honestly, I kind of forgot that it had, in fact, been three days. I remember reading the next couple of topics, thinking “Gee, those are going to be some short posts. I should combine them”, and then nothing. Life happened, I guess. And trying to work on the mess of a work in progress I have going on. And so many other things. Not to mention as I write this post it’s actually nearly 4pm on the 28th, so it’s really late in the day to be posting anything. So this post is/was scheduled, for forgive me if the timeline (like the supposed official Zelda timeline) seems a little messed up.

And now, without further adieu, the lightning round!

Favorite Goddess and why?

I’m going to go with Din, because she has the fire. That’s really my only thoughts on this. The goddess are such arbitrary characters that I can’t say I have given any of it much thought.

Something you want to change in any of the games.

Said it before and I’ll say it again, the controls in Skyward Sword. This gimpish armed person wants to make Link sword fight, not do it herself.

A Character you would want as a best friend.

Ahhh, not Navi? I don’t know, Nabooru seems pretty bad ass. But Saria is loyal. Maybe Malon because she won’t be called to any kind of grand destiny. That may be handy if you’re in a crisis.

Favorite Instrument Used in the Game.

Easy, Zora guitar. Next.

Favorite Temple/Dungeon.

I’m going to be crucified for saying this: The Water Temple. I liked the challenge, I did. And I have never had to restart my game because I have never screwed up the order of the keys. Let me also note that I am never playing it again because Karma will now come back and bite me in the butt.

Least favorite dungeon/temple.

The ice one from A Link to the Past. It’s not hard, or anything, but I have bad memories of it because as a kid it took me about a year to figure out the puzzle. It’s only my least because of bad associations. Sad. but true.

Favorite Sword.

The fierce deity sword. That thing was beautiful, and dangerous looking, and I loved it. I know other swords from villains were just as bad ass looking. I’m thinking, say, Demise’s sword. But really, I’m going to stick to what Link and his various incarnations and forms wield.

Song You can play on an Instrument.

None. As stated before I can play the first three notes of Saria’s song on my son’s learner piano, but that’s as far as it goes.

That’s it for now. Only two more questions left in the thirty day challenge, and then it’s off to find another one. Until tomorrow (or when I remember to blog again).

The Challenge of Zelda : Favorite battle.

The final battle of Majora’s Mask.  Everything, from stepping into that ethereal field with the creepy kids running around with the masks on to the final transformation was awesome.
It could have been demise in Skyward sword, but all it takes is one look at yesterday’s post to understand why Skyward doesn’t win many awards in my book.

What is your favorite battle?

The Challenge of Zelda: My least favorite Game

This one is very easy for me. Some games I didn’t/couldn’t finish because they were on loan, or I didn’t have the system, or adult life got in the way, so my opinion on those will not be factored in. So while I wasn’t a fan of the game play of the first Zelda (played for the first time about twenty years after it was made), I won’t say that’s my least favorite. It’s not fair to the game.

But my least favorite for certain is Skyward Sword.

I loved the story line, the graphics were beautiful, and it had some bad ass weapons.

But the game play was horrible.

First off: the controls. Anyone growing up in the age of SNES, N64, and beyond are button mashers by nature. Or at least that’s what I liked to believe. The game control being done entirely by movement is a nice feature but should be optional. One of my arms is limited in range thanks to an accident when I was a teenager, This made some of the movements painful if not nearly impossible. Beyond that, having to have room to move while playing meant not being able to sit in a comfortable chair. Which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but when you have a small space to begin with, bringing in an extra piece of furniture to play a game is annoying,

The world map. Three places? Really? Outside of Skyloft there were only three places to visit. This seemed lame. Lamer than the limited world of Majora’s Mask which, while a great game, was limited. I got bored of the game and set it aside for over a year because the repetition got to me.

Shield health and Stamina meters? Yes, these are realistic things in a way. Shields would need replacing, one would get tired from running, climbing, etc. But go one way or another. Shields don’t regenerate with potions, and people need to eat or sleep. If you’re going to put restrictions on Link, make it entirely.

Those are the top 3 gripes I had, but I’m sure if I was to reply it I’d find more.

The Challenge of Zelda: My Favorite Link and Zelda

In a way I have already answered this, because much like who my favorite Link is, my favorite Zelda is also from Hyrule Warriors. So guess where my favorite pairing comes from?

You have the badass Link who was simply training to be a knight when destiny found him, you have a princess who is actually a fighter. Their story in Hyrule warriors is one of my favorites, probably the best one yet, because they fight together through the whole game. It also fits the head canon I have for Ocarina of Time that Sheik would actually fight along side Link for a while.

Their relationship is also great. While there are hints of a romantic connections they aren’t obvious outside of the Cia/Lana obsession. It’s more clear that after the events of Warriors the two will be focused on rebuilding Hyrule, as well as establishing Link’s place within the Hylian army. The potential for a more rounded relationship in all ways is easy to see within those two.

I will go on record to say that a close second would be the Link and Zelda from Skyward Sword. I actually enjoyed that Zelda wasn’t a princess, though you could tell her father was more than just the head of the knight’s academy. While they are clearly old friends, have that same hinted romantic connection, and Link was already on his way to greatness, the fact that Zelda doesn’t really fight is what sets them back a peg.

With the advancement in their relationship from mere damsel and hero to partners in war, is makes me excited to see what the end of the year will bring us in Zelda Wii U.


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