The Challenge of Zelda : Favorite battle.

The final battle of Majora’s Mask.  Everything, from stepping into that ethereal field with the creepy kids running around with the masks on to the final transformation was awesome.
It could have been demise in Skyward sword, but all it takes is one look at yesterday’s post to understand why Skyward doesn’t win many awards in my book.

What is your favorite battle?

The Challenge of Zelda: My least favorite Game

This one is very easy for me. Some games I didn’t/couldn’t finish because they were on loan, or I didn’t have the system, or adult life got in the way, so my opinion on those will not be factored in. So while I wasn’t a fan of the game play of the first Zelda (played for the first time about twenty years after it was made), I won’t say that’s my least favorite. It’s not fair to the game.

But my least favorite for certain is Skyward Sword.

I loved the story line, the graphics were beautiful, and it had some bad ass weapons.

But the game play was horrible.

First off: the controls. Anyone growing up in the age of SNES, N64, and beyond are button mashers by nature. Or at least that’s what I liked to believe. The game control being done entirely by movement is a nice feature but should be optional. One of my arms is limited in range thanks to an accident when I was a teenager, This made some of the movements painful if not nearly impossible. Beyond that, having to have room to move while playing meant not being able to sit in a comfortable chair. Which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but when you have a small space to begin with, bringing in an extra piece of furniture to play a game is annoying,

The world map. Three places? Really? Outside of Skyloft there were only three places to visit. This seemed lame. Lamer than the limited world of Majora’s Mask which, while a great game, was limited. I got bored of the game and set it aside for over a year because the repetition got to me.

Shield health and Stamina meters? Yes, these are realistic things in a way. Shields would need replacing, one would get tired from running, climbing, etc. But go one way or another. Shields don’t regenerate with potions, and people need to eat or sleep. If you’re going to put restrictions on Link, make it entirely.

Those are the top 3 gripes I had, but I’m sure if I was to reply it I’d find more.

The Challenge of Zelda: My Favorite Link and Zelda

In a way I have already answered this, because much like who my favorite Link is, my favorite Zelda is also from Hyrule Warriors. So guess where my favorite pairing comes from?

You have the badass Link who was simply training to be a knight when destiny found him, you have a princess who is actually a fighter. Their story in Hyrule warriors is one of my favorites, probably the best one yet, because they fight together through the whole game. It also fits the head canon I have for Ocarina of Time that Sheik would actually fight along side Link for a while.

Their relationship is also great. While there are hints of a romantic connections they aren’t obvious outside of the Cia/Lana obsession. It’s more clear that after the events of Warriors the two will be focused on rebuilding Hyrule, as well as establishing Link’s place within the Hylian army. The potential for a more rounded relationship in all ways is easy to see within those two.

I will go on record to say that a close second would be the Link and Zelda from Skyward Sword. I actually enjoyed that Zelda wasn’t a princess, though you could tell her father was more than just the head of the knight’s academy. While they are clearly old friends, have that same hinted romantic connection, and Link was already on his way to greatness, the fact that Zelda doesn’t really fight is what sets them back a peg.

With the advancement in their relationship from mere damsel and hero to partners in war, is makes me excited to see what the end of the year will bring us in Zelda Wii U.

The Challenge of Zelda: Something in the Zelda Universe you wish was real

10492126_10155213041685084_8463478127082133140_nTeleportation. There, I said it. I would love to be able to play a magical song and BOOM! I’m in Starbucks. Play it again and BOOM! Back in my toasty warm apartment, latte in hand, sleeping child none the wiser. Better yet, hold on to him while he’s awake and he can get a cookie while he’s there. Magic!

I mean, yeah, gaining money while cutting grass would be awesome, but I don’t really have a lawn. And I’m pretty sure cutting my house plants don’t count. And something tells me that a milk that could get you drunk would be bad to have with a toddler around. It would be hard to explain to the doctor why he’s stumbling around if all we gave him was milk.

Don’t get me wrong, the Zelda universe has some pretty nifty things and aspects, and I’m sure a younger, less mature me would pick something totally different. But teleportation is easily the best thing I can say I want. It would be so convenient.

“Oh darn, we’re out of bread. Let me just get out my ocarina/guitar/bag pipes and I’ll get some and be back in a jiffy.” No need to pay for pizza delivery, I’ll just pop on over to the shop real quick.

Mind you, I have zero music ability except maybe being able to know a song title within ten seconds of playing, or remembering lyrics from songs I haven’t heard in a decade or more. But playing a tune, yeah no. I can play the first three notes of “Saria’s song” on my son’s little starter piano because I looked up the cords in letter form and matched them to the notes marked on the cat face. And that’s a barely play.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that even if that was real I would not be allowed to use such a feature. I’m pretty sure I would screw up the notes and end up half formed in a Tim Horton’s somewhere in Nova Scotia. But hey, it wasn’t a question of ability, it was just if I wanted it to exist. And I do, I so do.

The Challenge of Zelda: A character I relate to

Is it bad that the very first character that comes to mind is Talon because he’s kind of lazy and sleeps a lot?

But if I had to say I relate to any particular character it would be Cremia. She may be Romani’s sister but she plays a very maternal roll without their parents around. When it’s obvious to her that they are all doomed, she will do anything to numb Romani to the pain of dying. Even if that means getting her a little intoxicated on Milk. Seriously, check out Did You Know Gaming on Youtube. They mention that in a video. Anyway, being a mother I know that feeling of wanting to shield your child (or small child you love dearly) from the world.

Though I can also relate to Impa. She’s very patient, willing to teach, but she’s also very stern and isn’t afraid to let you know if you let her down. This goes for virtually all incarnations of her, really, and it applies to more aspects of my life than simply motherhood. I feel I have that kind of relationship with my best friends, and it’s actually helped foster a strong bond with us. Not everyone can handle that kind of relationship, but that’s how it comes up.

And who doesn’t have obsessions like Cia had over Link? Especially anyone belonging to a Fandom. She was passionate about Link, maybe believed they should be together, and many people feel the same way about the heroes of their favorite shows/books/games/movies.

In truth, I don’t think anyone can relate to any one particular character in the franchise. We are all diverse in personality, and while a lot of the supporting characters are kind of one dimensional, they are in such a way that we can love them for various reasons. Including the traits we see in ourselves.

The Challenge of Zelda: The tears it’s made me shed

I don’t know if there was ever a part in the series that made me cry. Maybe I’m cold hearted. No, that’s not true. I have been known to bawl like a baby, especially through musicals.
So I guess it’s time to pick a heart wrenching moment.
None come to mind immediately,  though the ending of Majora’s comes close. I won’t go into details, especially with the re-release being less than a week old. But if I had to pick one, that would be it.

The Challenge of Zelda: a favorite part

I’m stumped. Lots of moments and scenes from the games come to mind,  but none can really be pinned down as a favorite. But perhaps if I had to choose just one it would be paired with one of my favorite side quests: the reunion of Kafei and Anju. Not even really for a romantic aspect, and that’s saying something for a romantic at heart. The cinematography has stayed with me. The feeling of danger all around them but they are just so happy to be with one another.
But since we are on cinematography,  and I honestly can’t pick a favorite scene/moment,  the end credits of Ocarina when the sages appear on the mountain.
And maybe the master sword pull in A Link To The Past.
Or when we see Hilda is actually kind of psycho.
Oh! And when the sorceress in Hyrum Warriors shows her cards on how obsessed with Link she really was.
Picking one is hard.
So I won’t.

30 day Zelda challenge: Cosplaying.

First of all, I have one thing to say on the topic of Cosplaying: awesome. I have someone on my Facebook who does it for some games and characters I love, and I am fortunate enough to live in a city that has its own kind of comic con.  Each time I see his pictures posted, or I stumble across a player on the streets I marvel at it. I can barely sew a hem, and my son’s first Halloween costume took me about a month to make with multiple start overs, so anyone who can bring characters to life like that amaze me. I applaud your talent. Truly.

If I could Cosplay,  I would likely go as Sheik or Zelda from either Twilight Princess or Hyrum Warriors. Or maybe the 1989 cartoon, but probably not. I’ve already talked about my favorite character, so my choice shouldn’t be all that surprising. If I was going to put in the effort and attitude a good Cosplay needs, it would have to be someone I would love, a character I admire in a strange way.
And since we are talking Zelda,  and costumes at the core, here is that first costume I mentioned earlier.


Ps- sorry if this post is more riddled with typos and errors than usual. I did it from my phone. Silly auto correct.

30 Day Zelda Challenge: Double Answer day!

Okay, this would technically limit the challenge to 29 days, but the first question in this double whammy was too easy.

What do you register your name as: Easy, Link. Because anything else will simply not do.tumblr_m9dbtmWXZt1rzzcato1_400

Favorite Side Quest: The first one that comes to mind is Anju and Kafei. I liked that it went over all three days, and that there felt like real danger in the end of it with only an hour left before dooms day. At least I think it’s an hour, I haven’t made it that far in the 3DS and it’s been about thirteen years since I last played the N64 version.

Anyway, that side quest, to me, felt the most full. Again, all the details are escaping me, but I do recall needing to do the whole cave thing where you needed Kafei to get to the other side. Or maybe that was the statue making mask. I dunno, guess it’s a good thing I bought the re-release.

In addition to that one, my second favorite side quest is the alien invasion of the ranch. That one was supper creepy to me back then, and the whole trying to make sure you got all the aliens before they got to Romani and her cows. I get heebie jeebied just thinking about it. Them_Abducting_Cows

30 Day Zelda Challenge: Hardest Boss

The Imprisoned!!!!!!

I hate that thing with an ever living passion. Hate, hate, hate, hate hate, hate, LOATHE entirely.

There are no words. When that thing came back in Hyrule warriors I wanted to cry. I’m pretty sure I unleashed a string of words my two year old should never, ever hear. Thankfully he was napping, but my husband was not. My husband got to see the Scottish Sailor in my blood come to the front.

tumblr_lz72d0R65S1r9zabzo1_400Just, UGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Once was fun. I felt so proud. Go me! I defeated this stupid hard boss. Man, Skyward Sword is going to be a challenge. Facing it again. Seriously? We have to do this …. again?

By the third time I was already so frustrated with Skyward Swords game play that I was just amped up to take that stupid, weak toed thing out once and for all. Thankfully, three is the magic number.

So what was so hard about it? Well, the shock waves causing devastating damage, the controls already being horrible but then needing to figure the perfect timing so you don’t die. Needing to go up so you can just jump back down on it’s head. It was a dumb kind of hard. Not a Demise or Majora’s Mask kind of hard where you enjoyed the battle. More like a, by the time the third round was done I swore I would never play the game again because that boss was STUPID kind of hard. While I have major respect for the master mind that thought this creature from the farthest corner of the dark world up, just NO!

And thus ends my answering the daily challenge like a small child throwing a fit.


(Had to add something cute in there considering it’s Valentine’s Day.)


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